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Introducing my new co-host on Across The Pond College Football...

Having the opportunity to present a podcast last season was a exciting challenge and great fun to talk about college football every week. Talking and writing about the great traditions, dramatic headlines, key moments and characters in the ever-changing landscape of college football is a real privilege .

Image credit: Across The Pond Sports Network

From February 2024, I have a new co-host on the "Across The Pond College Football Podcast" and am delighted to introduce Daniel Shirley, Senior College Football Editor at The Athletic, who joined as a guest in early October and who I have been fortunate to interview before, initially for "Saturdays Feed My Soul" in June 2022. His bio for The Athletic will tell you that "he has previously worked at newspapers in Anderson, S.C., Valdosta, Albany and Macon and served as the sports editor in Albany and Macon for a combined 18 years." Daniel and I will be recording fortnightly in the off-season and weekly during the season, from Georgia and London respectively.

We will be talking about the headlines in college football, breaking down the now Power Four conferences, reviewing the top talent heading to the NFL Draft at the end of April before looking ahead to what promises to be a thrilling 2024 season.

I wanted to say an enormous thank you to Rebecca Mardikian who has been a fantastic co-host, joining me while recording from sunny California, it's been great fun to record the podcast with you, mainly from London but also from Lisbon, Toronto and Copenhagen whilst on holiday!

I also wanted to say thank you to the tireless James Scott, who invited me to co-host last summer. James set up the Across The Pond Sports Network which now has 17 different podcasts ranging from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL to Utah Jazz, WSL, NWSL and MMA.

Here's our first episode, released this week...

You will find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, please follow, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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