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Introducing our new podcast with Across The Pond College Football...

I'm very excited to introduce a new chapter in my journey learning and communicating the great traditions, thrilling contests and memorable characters from the fascinating world of college football.

From this Sunday 3rd September, I'll be teaming up with Rebecca Mardikian from sunny California who shares my passion for college football as we present the "Across The Pond College Football" podcast. A huge thank you to the tireless and inspiring James Scott, who invited Rebecca and I to co-host. James set up the Across The Pond Sports Network which now has 11 different podcasts ranging from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL to Utah Jazz and MMA, with more in the works.

Here's our trailer...

Our podcast hopes to take you on an epic ride through the thrilling landscapes of American football on both sides of the Atlantic, relaying our love for the sport from distinct cultural backgrounds.

With each episode we will look to provide insight, analysis, and impassioned discussions that bridge the gap between the American and British approaches to college football, with some interesting guests lined up to add their view.

With a transatlantic lens, we will delve into the rivalries, traditions, and game-changing moments that make college football a phenomenon on both shores.

So, whether you're sipping your coffee in California or enjoying a cuppa in England, please join us every week as we break down the X's and O's, celebrate victories, commiserate defeats, and celebrate the sport that unites fans across continents.

You will find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, please see the link above and give us a follow.

See you in Week 1!

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