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Saturdays Feed My Soul

Saturdays Feed My Soul is a unique look into the American college football phenomenon, across the pond, through the eyes of an increasingly fanatical Englishman.

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*The Asterisk Season

As I have started to explore college football’s unique traditions and rivalries in recent blogs, the spiralling events of the last few...

Mr. Irrelevant

As I’m delving deeper into the history and culture of the college football experience, as a Brit, I’m appreciating the quirks that...


The cannon that fired fifty feet behind me made literally jump out of my seat. I was visiting my friends Brendan and Kim at Virginia Tech...

My Mock Draft 2020

I watched my first Draft with some URI mates at my friend Brendan’s house. Initially, the prospect of sitting for two to three hours...

Where It All Starts

The NFL is the most high profile sport in the US. I take a look at where it all starts. This is my journey, from across the pond, into...

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